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Henry Ian Cusick Daily
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Where fangirling is what we do best.
Welcome to HenryIan_Daily, a visual community dedicated to Scottish-Peruvian actor Henry Ian Cusick. As with all daily communities on LiveJournal, our goal is to share pictures of Ian every day. Though we have a schedule of volunteer Daily Posters, we welcome posts from all of our members. Please take a moment to check out our rules...

PICTURES: All posts must include a picture. Please put any images over 500px behind an LJ-CUT. We also ask that any nudity remain behind an LJ-CUT with a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) warning. Lastly, we do our best to respect Mr. Cusick's privacy and that of his family, so please do not post any pictures of his children or paparazzi pictures that may be considered offensive to Mr. Cusick.

GRAPHICS: Icons are welcome. Please put up to four teasers in your post and keep the rest behind an LJ-CUT or provide a link to your icon journal.

VIDEOS: Interview videos and clips are welcome, but please include a picture in your post for "legality".

ARTICLES: Text interviews are welcome, but we still ask that a picture be included in the post. Also, please post only articles relating to his career (i.e. no gossip).

HOTLINKING: Please do not hotlink our images. We encourage that you upload anything to a free image-hosting site such as photobucket.

SPOILERS: Please refer to our Spoiler Guide for in-depth details. If you would like to post spoiler pictures, please make a separate post for them and keep ALL pictures behind a cut with a warning that the picture is new and possibly spoilery.

CONDUCT: Please respect the other members of the communty. Any comments considered inappropriate will be deleted.


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